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Labor Trafficking is Focus of Next HTI Meeting!

Our next Human Trafficking Initiative meeting will feature a presentation by Erin Albright, JD. Erin is currently a Visiting Fellow with the United States Department of Justice, Office for Victims of Crime (OVC). Erin is a Subject Matter Expert on human trafficking and human trafficking task forces, and her work focuses on identifying and building better multidisciplinary collaboration, improving victim-centered response strategies, and developing capacity building tools and trainings to address labor trafficking.  She previously served as the Director of the New Hampshire Human Trafficking Collaborative Task Force, and in 2016 she received a Commendation from (former) New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan for her work on behalf of survivors and with the Collaborative Task Force. Erin’s presentation is titled: Reimagining Labor: A New Framework for Confronting Labor Trafficking.

The Human Trafficking Initiative (HTI) meeting will be on Tuesday, August 13th, 12:30-2:00, at the Belmont Sports Complex, 550 Island Parkway, Belmont. This is a San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office program in cooperation with the San Mateo County Police Chiefs and Sheriff’s Association. The monthly meeting (Jan-Nov) of the San Mateo County Human Trafficking Initiative is open to members of governmental, non-governmental, faith- and community-based organizations, and members of the public who have a role, or desire to have a role, in the response to human trafficking within San Mateo County. This meeting focuses on the response to human trafficking within the County, along with delivering relevant information for all sectors involved in the multidisciplinary response. 

April 2024